Automatic Laminator for Film Protection (PVC Coating Machine)

Short Description:

Automatic Laminator for Film Protection (PVC Coating Machine)

mainly for the Film Lamination on Sheet Surface

It can be designed for Double side Double layer Laminating

  • Port: Shanghai, China
  • Payment Terms: T/T. L/C
  • Production Capacity: 20 sets/ year
  • Product: Automatic Laminator for Film Protection (PVC Coating Machine)
  • Size: Au-1250, Au-1550,Au-2050
  • HS CODE: 8460902000
  • Brand: Zhongshuo
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    Company Introduction

    Automatic Laminator / PVC Coating Machine

    Automatic Laminator / PVC Coating Machine is used mainly for the Film Lamination on Sheet Surface. It can be designed for Double side Double layer Laminating.

    Automatic Lamination, Automatic Cutting.

    * Machine Mode: 400-2500 Type

    * Workable Width: 400-2500MM

    * Working Speed: Fixed Speed/Adjustable Speed

    * Application: This machine is mainly used in Coiler/De-coiler System,
    Polishing Machine, 8K Mirror Polishing Machine, Cut to Length Line,
    Grinding Machine Etc.

    * Machines can be tailor-made.


    The system includes: 2 pneumatic expandable shafts for PVC film reel holding, The braking effect of film reel is by means of expanding shoes controlled by pneumatic cylinder equipped with pressure regulators. The braking system does not call for any adjustment after the removal of the shaft to change the reels. One couple of rolls for sheet positioning. One couple of pressure roll, the rubber covered pressure rolls are controlled by pneumatic cylinders equipped with pressure regulators. One couple of exit pinch/feeding roll. Optical fiber detects the front end of sheet and positioning it automatically. Cutting knife driven by the servo motor cuts off the film between 2 sheets.

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  • Company Introduction


    Our history:

    Expert for Flat Surface Abrasives Belt Grinding of Metal: This target is guiding us keeping research in the metal grinding and polishing by coated abrasives field from 1990s.

    In 2005 we started designing, manufacturing and assembling wide abrasives belt grinding machines for metal. With the continuous expansion of business and the changing of shareholder structure,

    in 2015 WUXI Zhongshuo Precision Machinery Co., Ltd was founded.


    Our Company:

    We are an owner managed mid-size company. The company is located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. The registered capital is 8 million RMB. The construction area exceeds 7000 m2. The total number of employees is 52, including 1 Research level engineer, 2 senior engineers and 5 engineers. We have a professional designing, manufacturing, assembly, installation, commissioning and sales service team.

    Our Products

    We produce wide belt grinding and polishing machine, brushing machine, mirror finishing machine, vibration finishing machine, embossing machine for metal coil and sheet, including entry and exit section of CGL (Coil to Coil Repairing Grinding Line for Steel Maker) and CPL (Coil to Coil Polishing Line for Service Center), i.e. Unwinder, Rewinder, Loading Car, Pinch Roll, Flattener, Crop Shear, Coolant Filtration and Recycling system, Washing and Drying system, Mist Collector, Fire Fighting system. We also provide Loading device with Vacuum Cups Group for Sheet to Sheet Grinding Lin

    Our Clients:

    Our reference list including Tisco Daming, Wuxi Puxin, Zhejiang Bohai and other well known Chinese customers. We exported our products to Europe country like Italy, Turkey with CE Certification. We also provide belt calibrating grinder to Chinese maker who is supplying the material to Aircraft and Nuclear In.

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    To create the value to the customer is our constant pursuit. Your satisfaction is the power of our continuous innovation.



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