Embossing Machine

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Embossing/Stamping Machine

Application:  High Tonnage Pressing of Anti-skid Plate, Anti Slippery Plate, Safety Tread

  • Port: Shanghai, China
  • Payment Terms: T/T. L/C
  • Production Capacity: 20 sets/ year
  • Product: Embossing Machine
  • Brand: Zhongshuo
  • Nominal force: 16000T
  • Max thickness: 6mm
  • Max Sheet Size: 1500*6000mm
  • HS CODE: 845690900
  • Product Detail

    Company Introduction

    YH1600 Automatic Embossing/Stamping Machine

    This line is composed of 1600T 4-Column Press, Front and Rear Feeding Unit as well as Pressing Dies. It is suitable for High Tonnage Pressing of Antikaid Plate, Anti Slippery Plate, Safety Tread. The Machine is Specially Heat Treated and Bead Blasted, Thus, Inner Stress has been removed and Surface is Toughened, which can ensure the Precision of Long time working and maximally prolong the life span of both the machine itself and the Dies.

    This machine is mainly used to make embossing sheets, anti-sliding plate. Frame is made of heavy duty welded steel, stress released. 1600 ton 4 column type Hydraulic Press will be controlled by Servo system. Dies Auto Move In-Out for easy replacement. Levelling function has been considered when design the die, which can guarantee the good flatness of the plate. PLC plus HMI is for easy operation and adjustment. Motor, reducer and hydraulic components will be applied.
    Main Technical Parameters

    Construction Close Type Note
    Nominal force KN  16000
    Max Sheet Thickness mm 6
    Max Sheet Size mm 1500X6000
    Feeding Precision mm ±0.2
    Repeating Positioning Precision of Origin mm ±0.2
    Max Stamping Frequency Times/Min 10
    Min Stamping Frequency Times/Min 6
    Working Hydraulic Pressure  MPa 20
    Total Power KW 100
    Height of Pattern mm 1.2-1.3
    Workable Raw Material Stainless Steel of 200/300/400 Series
    Machine Weight T 40
    Machine Dimension mm 13500×3300×5300

    Main Components List

    No. Components Make Note
    1 Feeder HT
    2 4-Column Press Yangli
    3 Die HT
    4 Pneumatic Components Airtec
    6 Linear Track Hiwin or ABBA
    7 Servo Motor Drive Xinjie
    8 Screen Weinview
    9 PLC Siemens
    9 Electrical System HT
    10 Module Siemens
    11 Electrical Components (1)Switch: Taiwan Mingwei
    (2)Proximity Switch, Relay: Omron
    12 Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor Famous Domestic Brand
    13 Bearing NSK
    14 Hydraulic Components

    Supply Scope  

    No Products Specs Unit Price Q’ty Note
    1 Feeder Set 1
    2 Press Set 1
    3 Die Set 1 As per Pattern
    4 Spares Set 1
    3 Special Tools No
    4 Installation and Commissioning Free Installation and Commissioning
    5 Training Free Training
    6 Manual     Disc

    Machine Features
    — Big Pressing Force, Workable in Large Scope
    — Automatic Die Moving in and Moving out Function, very easy to change Dies. Many Different Patterns can be made as per requirement from Customers.
    — Automatic Feeding System, Auto Position to Die Bottom, and Moves out after Stamping.
    Man power is only needed to move sheets to Roller Table and Move out the Sheets after Stamping. Only One operator is needed.
    — The die is with Leveling and Re-Shaping Function, Flatness of Sheets can be ensured after Stamping.

    Buyer Scope
    Air Supply: 0.6Mpa, 1 M3/Min, Dry and Clean Compressed Air
    Power Supply: 415V, 50Hz, Voltage Fluctuation: -10%-+10%
    Surrounding Temperature: 0°C – +40°C
    Surrounding Humidity: Relative Humidity: 20-80%RH (Non Condensation)
    Free from Strong Vibration Source and Electro-Magnetic Interference.
    Free from Dust, Harmful and Etching Air
    Foundation should be made as per Foundation Drawing from Supplier.
    Straight and Flat S/S Sheets.
    Stable and Educated Operator

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  • Company Introduction


    Our history:

    Expert for Flat Surface Abrasives Belt Grinding of Metal: This target is guiding us keeping research in the metal grinding and polishing by coated abrasives field from 1990s.

    In 2005 we started designing, manufacturing and assembling wide abrasives belt grinding machines for metal. With the continuous expansion of business and the changing of shareholder structure,

    in 2015 WUXI Zhongshuo Precision Machinery Co., Ltd was founded.


    Our Company:

    We are an owner managed mid-size company. The company is located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. The registered capital is 8 million RMB. The construction area exceeds 7000 m2. The total number of employees is 52, including 1 Research level engineer, 2 senior engineers and 5 engineers. We have a professional designing, manufacturing, assembly, installation, commissioning and sales service team.

    Our Products

    We produce wide belt grinding and polishing machine, brushing machine, mirror finishing machine, vibration finishing machine, embossing machine for metal coil and sheet, including entry and exit section of CGL (Coil to Coil Repairing Grinding Line for Steel Maker) and CPL (Coil to Coil Polishing Line for Service Center), i.e. Unwinder, Rewinder, Loading Car, Pinch Roll, Flattener, Crop Shear, Coolant Filtration and Recycling system, Washing and Drying system, Mist Collector, Fire Fighting system. We also provide Loading device with Vacuum Cups Group for Sheet to Sheet Grinding Lin

    Our Clients:

    Our reference list including Tisco Daming, Wuxi Puxin, Zhejiang Bohai and other well known Chinese customers. We exported our products to Europe country like Italy, Turkey with CE Certification. We also provide belt calibrating grinder to Chinese maker who is supplying the material to Aircraft and Nuclear In.

    our customers


    Our Certification











    To create the value to the customer is our constant pursuit. Your satisfaction is the power of our continuous innovation.



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